Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bad and Good Websites

This website is bad because everything looks thrown together. I don't like the font that was chosen; the colors don't work well together. Nor does the placement of the menu. There's no apostrophe in,"Don'ts"

What I don't like about this website is the scrolling menu isn't easily assessable, it moves up then down; I like to easily navigate my way around a site. I also don't like the placement of the menu; I'd prefer if it were placed at the left or top and the photographer's name doesn't grab my attention right away; maybe a bolder color would work. The music is okay, but I'd prefer the initial volume lowered.

I like the design of this site; the colors, the placement of the photographer's name and the menu are easily viewed. The music is mellow, which is nice and the option of flash or html works as well because it gives you the option of viewing the site at your preference. 

I really like this site because it has a great design, menu's, it is simple but works, very easy to navigate and the photographer's name is easily seen. Also, a plus is the sideshow's featuring her wedding photography; the music she chose and photographs were enjoyable.