Friday, December 17, 2010

Final Site on California Condor

It took many, many, many sleepless hours, but I am thrilled to have completed my site. Please let me know what you think. I changed the design, colors and text fonts. Hope this is an improvement from the original design.


  1. : The menu bar is simple, but there is no great design TO YOUR PAGE that differenciates this web page and visually says condor. Ruby you have so much potential but unfortunately you where sick through much of the class, so were unable to really get the benefits of the class. I would really like tO see take the class again and because the foundation is now there you would be able to get through the class
    Code In a table all in tables and no commenting ?
    Back up plans – site map, roughs GOOD JOB

  2. Thanks Angela, I agree. I had a lot going on this semester. I would really like to take the class again to really take it all in with a clear head. Enjoy your time off.