Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Five Bad and Good Websites

Bad Sites

The overall design is not good, the color the information and how the title of the page is place on a banner. Just doesn't work.

Although a few of the pictures posted are good, the site design is very plain. It looks very similar to a brochure.

This site appears really busy. The font doesn't help because it adds to that busy look. 

I like the picture of the condor, but most of the information on the bird begins at the bottom of the page.

This site looks very similar to a blog, though I do like the colors in the design and the information provided on the California Condor with lot's of great pictures of the birds in their habitat. 

There are no pictures of the condor! 

Good Sites

This is a great site, I really like the colors and overall design. The fast facts and audio are also a great. Check it out.

Always an informative site.

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